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In Time for Halloween: Invasion of the Jorō Spiders. ‘You Mow the Grass, and You’re Just Covered in Webs.’ (Wall Street Journal – includes quotes and photos from Joro Spider Appreciation founder Anthony Trendl)

Georgia Man Celebrates Jorō Spider The Jorō spider’s beauty is intoxicating like a great painting. (Patch profile of Anthony Trendl’s determination to reduce fear and emphasize the good.)

Joro spiders, huge and invasive, spreading around eastern US, study finds (Popular update in USA Today. We’re linked.)

Startle Responses of Jorō Spiders (Trichonephila clavata) to Artificial Disturbance (Scholarly article. Excellent research.)

Managing Joro Spiders in the Landscape (Scholarly article. Excellent analysis by University of Georgia extension)

Joro spiders are making their way to Florida, but the large arachnid can be a useful friend (First Coast News)

One Giant Leap: Joro Spiders in North Carolina (NC State Extension)

Study documents first known observation of spider web so sturdy even birds can perch on them (Independent – UK)

How do Joro spiders impact the ecosystem? UGA researchers hope to find out — maybe with your help (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

Asian “Fortune-Teller” Spider Found in U.S. for First Time (National Geographic)

Like it or not, Joro spiders are here to stay (University of Georgia)

Madison County man captures spider never before seen in North America (Athens Banner-Herald)

Meet your new Georgia neighbor, the Joro spider, an Asian invader big as a hand (Augusta Chronicle)

Nephila clavata L Koch, the Joro Spider of East Asia, newly recorded from North America (Araneae: Nephilidae) (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Search database, abstract and full article, scholarly)

Silk Socks, a New Biotech Product (The Silkworm, blog)

Taxon details (World Spider Catalog technical information)

Team uses wasps to monitor exotic Joro spider ( X)

UGA scientists confirm first North American record of East Asian Joro spider (University of Georgia)


Anything I know, I probably read here and by experts in the study of spiders. I’m a gentleman scientist, learning what I can via observation, but these are the places to start.

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