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Anthony Trendl
Suwanee, Georgia

Media Interest is Welcome

Do you need an interview? I would love to speak with you. Whether you need a quick quote or a longer discussion, drop me a line. I bring an upbeat, enthusiastic, balanced perspective to what others consider scary. Let’s talk.

Whether you are looking for a quick, colorful quote or a longer chat, I’m happy to help. I’ll bring a witty lightness to a complex discussion.

Pair me with an arachnologist or entomologist. Match their expertise with my passion. We can educate and inspire together.

I’m happy to talk about…

  • My history with the Joro spider
  • The wonder of animals in our backyards
  • The particular beauty of a Joro spider
  • How to tell a Joro spider from other spiders
  • What does a Joro spider web look like
  • Positive metaphors implied by the Joro spider
  • Finding good and beauty in something that might scare others
  • The national fascination with the Joro spider
  • Where to find a Joro spider
  • Are they safe?

“It was intoxicating, the way a painting is intoxicating,” he says. “I was totally sucked in.” -Anthony Trendl to the Wall Street Journal when discussing his reaction to seeing the spider for the first time.

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