What Do Joro Spiders Eat?

Mostly, the same as any spider

Spider Food

Spiders get hungry, and the Joro Spider is no different. What are their dining habits? What do they eat? (hint: not hummingbirds)

Insects, of course!

Which insects depends on where the web is located. If it is located, for example, on a porch, the porchlight will attract moths. That means moths for dinner. If it is on a tree in the woods, beetles will be part of its diet. They’ve been known to munch on lady bugs.

Their web is unusual. If you look carefully, you’ll see a gorgeous orb web in the center, with two asymmetrical layers of web bookending it. The web might be six feet wide.

The silk is a light yellow, giving in an amazing golden hue when the sun is just so.

They do eat adult brown marmorated stink bugs. Those are also invasive, so that’s good. The stink bugs eat peaches, among other fruits, and so the Joro Spider is helping protect an important Georgian product.

Learn What Eats a Joro Spider

Now This is Weird

Dewdrop spiders, a type of kleptoparasite, have been noticed hanging out in Joro Spider webs. Kleptoparasite means what you might be guessing: these spiders steal from other spiders. I don’t know if the Joro Spider and the dewdrop spider go full WWE on each other over a dead bug. “To be the spider, you’ve gotta beat the spider!”

The Stuff of Nightmares or Gardens?

Maybe both. As you learn more, the nightmares will disappear.
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