Exterminators and Joro Spiders

Don’t Waste Your Money

Don’t Be Conned

Exterminators and Joro Spiders aren’t two terms which should be used in a sentence.

We’re gonna cut to the chase: exterminators can’t stop a Joro spider aside from stepping on one.

That’s right. They can help you deal with ants, mice, roaches, and a myriad of other annoyances. Joro spiders are “immune” to their techniques.

As we say here, Joro spiders aren’t communal like ants, and in a sense, roaches. They don’t travel, like mice. They are solo creatures which mostly (pun intended) hang out in their web.

  • That means poisons which inhibit breeding won’t work.
  • That means poisons which spread through a colony or other grouping won’t work.
  • That means any sort of trap — glue, fly paper, snap traps, and any of the traps intended to take out Indiana Jones won’t work.

We’re here to reduce fear, increase respect, and help develop a better understanding what this beautiful spider is all about.

Hopefully, we’ve saved you hundreds of dollars. The next time some exterminators try to hoodwink you into thinking they can save you from Joro spiders, you tell them to buzz off. Just say no to exterminators and Joro spiders.

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We’re Not Naming Names But…

But just imagine which companies are in a position to take your money?

Creating hype, paranoia, and general mayhem helps them attract customers. Followed by truths wrapped in a lie (or is a lie wrapped in truth), they will entrance you with song and dance.

Chemicals Used to Kill Joro Spiders

  • Bifenthrin
  • Deltamethrin
  • Ambda-cyhalothrin
Joro Spider underside

The Stuff of Nightmares or Gardens?

Maybe both. As you learn more, the nightmares will disappear.
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