The Legend of the Jorōgumo

She appears as a beautiful woman, but is really a ferocious spider ready to devour her would-be mate.

Her eyes and her smile entice you, but don’t be fooled.

She is the Jorōgumo. To the men she meets, she is death. Learn about the legend of the Jorōgumo. 

To the Japanese, she is a Yōkai. Attractive in all ways, but not as she seems.

Specifically, she is a wicked shape-shifter. To some, she breathes fire and controls a small army of spiders. To others, she is more beautiful than the sun and all the flowers combined. To all, she is evil.

She isn’t looking for love. She is looking for a meal.

If you see a woman more alluring than any you’ve known, stay away. Do not smile in return. If she drops a glove, leave it there. If she whispers your name, cover your ears. Run.

She may await you on the porch

Or in your dreams

Could that be her underneath the waterfall bathing?

She is like a Greek Siren, tricking men into their death.

Like as when King David saw Bathsheba, they say men are too weak to avoid her.

Men who know better discover they don’t know anything when they meet her.

Some slightly more serious concerns people have are addressed in Joro Spider Myths.

The Stuff of Nightmares or Gardens?

Maybe both. As you learn more, the nightmares will disappear.
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